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Welcome to Romance Your Marriage


We’re certified transformational marriage mentors and dedicated to helping you strengthen, enrich and enhance your new marriage.

Our mission is to help you navigate and truly enjoy your second marriage. We help guide you through transformative life stages from getting ready to remarry to empty nest and happily retired.

Come join us to learn how to create a loving and enduring relationship that brings you all the joy and happiness you desire for your entire life.


We’re Barry and J’Anne Monteleone, we've been together since 2012. However, before we met each other we became part of the grey divorce (later in life divorce) wave.

The increase of grey divorce among baby boomers is growing every year and leads to much grief and economic hardship as well as many other ills as we can both attest.

Each of us was single for over ten years before we were blessed to be introduced by a mutual friend. One of the biggest things that scared us about getting married again were the dismal statistics that over 65% of second marriages end in divorce!  

We've been happily together ever since and we want to share with you all the things we do to create a successful relationship and live in love and happiness.

Our mission is to help prevent divorces, especially in second marriages and teach you how to have an amazing life together too!


When we prepared to marry we created a vision of how we wanted our lives to be together.

We identified the things that may have contributed to our original divorces and implemented habits and practices that bring us joy and happiness on a daily basis as well as confidence in a beautiful future together.

We are so committed to helping couples find happiness in their marriages that together we certified as marriage mentors to let us help people create their dream relationships with their own spouses. No need to go out and get divorced again, you can truly create a beautiful marriage that beats the 65% divorce odds!


Together we have five children and nine grandchildren and delight in the new family we have created together.

Our happiness blesses the lives of our families and friends, helping us to heal old wounds.

As an award winning home designer, J’Anne spent over thirty years helping hundreds of couples design and build their own dream homes. Twenty-five years ago she also went back to university full time to become a professional writer and has been published dozens of times online, in magazines and other print media.

She loves public speaking and has taught workshops and seminars on the stage both to large and small audiences.

These skills prepared her to easily transition into helping couples envision and create their dream lives together and become a certified marriage mentor.

Her certifications include Master Life Coaching, Master Law of Attraction Coaching, and Relationship Workshop Coaching.


Barry is a certified marriage mentor and has also spent over thirty years as a Certified Financial Planner helping people plan their financial futures.

Along with helping people achieve their visions for their retirement with careful management of their funds, he has used his teaching degree to instruct at the college level.

He brings a wealth of financial wisdom to help people prepare to live their best lives right to end of retirement.

We invite you to join us in our mission to help as many couples as we can to enrich, enhance and strengthen their marriages and their lives.


With love

J’Anne and Barry
Transformational Marriage Mentors


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