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4 Simple Habits to Make Your Second Marriage Your Last

You start out your second marriage with such high hopes that this time around you have found “the one.” That life will be blissful, that you will live happily ever after

Except your last marriage didn’t work out.

Romance Your Marriage With Gratitude

Do you want to minimize and avoid problems in your second marriage? 

Romance Your Marriage With Eye Contact

Feeling a bit disconnected from your partner? There’s an easy fix for that.

Romance Your Marriage With Kissing With Bliss

Remember those days when your toes curled every time you kissed your husband or wife?

Romance Your Marriage By Expressing Happiness

Bring more happiness into your marriage today! Verbalizing your happiness out loud to each other is one of the most important keys to a fabulous and enduring marriage.

Creating Romance In Your Second Marriage

Romance is the fun part of being married!

Romance Your Marriage with Love Tokens

A love token is a keepsake that you give to your spouse as a tangible symbol of your thoughtfulness and desire to please them.


Romance Your Marriage with Acts of Service

When it comes to romance in your marriage, cleaning the toilets does NOT sound romantic!

What is Romance?


noun: a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love