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Romance Your Marriage With Gratitude

Do you want to minimize and avoid problems in your second marriage? 

We all dream of living happily ever after, walking into the sunset holding hands…ok, maybe not something that hokey.

When you imagine your future together can you see yourself happily engaged in activities with your spouse? Creating a vision of your dream lifestyle is an important step to having a fulfilling  life with your husband or wife.


In our Successful Second Marriages Program, one of the important components we teach is expressing gratitude for each other in new and meaningful ways.

Making a practice of expressing gratitude daily will bring remarkable changes to your relationship as well as your own personal life.

Gratitude defined is simply the acknowledgement of kindness and goodness with thankfulness.


Developing an attitude of gratitude helps you feel more alive, notice more beauty, feel more happiness, express more compassion and even helps to strengthen your immune system.

It helps deepen your relationship with your spouse and increase your bond together. You, yourself will feel an increase in your own personal worth when you genuinely appreciate your spouse.

Barry says:

I think that perhaps gratitude is a learned attribute rather than something you’re born with, so it may come easier to some people than others. 

It’s something I’m working on, because I’ve come to know how important it is to a happy relationship.


What is Your Ratio?

Scientifically speaking there is something called the Losada ratio that measures the amount of positive and negative interactions between couples. Researchers found that happy couples have a five to one ratio of positive expressions to negative ones. John Gottman of the Couples Training Institute suggests that the very happiest couples have a 20 to one ratio!

Focus on the Good

Try focusing on the good your partner does rather than all the things they may do that irritate you. You get more of what you consistently focus on. A true compliment needs to convey that your life is better because of the person you are complimenting.


 Begin by saying a sincere thank-you for something your mate has done, even something little.

 You will be amazed at the light feeling you have in your own heart not to mention how great your spouse feels.

J’Anne says:

I’m a pretty uninspired cook. My meals are plain compared to the gourmet meals that Barry makes, yet every time I cook a meal for him he tells me how great it is, no matter what!

(While I’m on to him and his words of gratitude, it still makes me smile.)


Here Are Some Suggestions To Get You Rolling

  Thanks babe for fixing the squeaky door yesterday, you’re the best!

  Thanks for the great lunch you made me today, I love you!

  You’re such a great mom/dad, I love watching you with our kids/grandkids.

  Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life.

  I appreciate how clean you keep our home/car; it makes life so much easier.


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TIP: Find something you are genuinely thankful for about your spouse and tell them in person. Give them a big hug to seal the deal.

We feel that it’s very important to let your husband or wife know how grateful you are to have them in your life.

We can’t stress this enough! Everyone needs to feel appreciated; it’s one of the sweetest fruits of joy and happiness.

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