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Romance Your Marriage With Kissing With Bliss

Remember those days when your toes curled every time you kissed your husband or wife?

If those days are long behind you, bring them back every day with the Ten Seconds of Bliss Kiss.

What is it?

The Ten Seconds of Bliss Kiss is exactly what it sounds like.


Take a full 10 seconds to intensely kiss your spouse.


Even if you have to count to 10 at first, you’ll soon get the hang of it. Taking the full 10 seconds or even more elevates the kiss to something more passionate and meaningful than a brief peck on the cheek or buzz on the lips.


It really connects you on a deeper level.

Barry says:

 I thought it was a bit hokey at first. However, I’ve come to enjoy our passionate kisses when I leave for work and look forward to walking through the door at night to find my smiling wife all puckered up ready to kiss me.


Kissing has nice side benefits such as stimulating the release of oxytocin, the bonding and love hormone that gives you that high-on-love feeling. Oxytocin brings a feeling of calmness and peacefulness to your heart that confirms you are still with the right person.

A study done in 2010 by the Journal of Medical Hypotheses shows that kissing increases your immunity by swapping germs!  (They don’t call it tonsil hockey for nothing!)

Need to lose some weight? According to WebMD passionate kissing burns two calories per minute; after all you use over 30 muscles in your face while kissing. All the same, you will have to do a lot of kissing to lose any weight! (why not give it a try?!?)

J’Anne says:

I think it’s funny that when we come home together, I come through the door first while Barry parks the car in the garage. Then when he comes in, I greet him with a big smile and give him his 10 seconds of bliss. It’s a habit that I love!

Did you know that kissing is more intimate than making love? When you kiss your sweetheart you are actually exchanging breath and becoming one through sharing that life giving substance.

Four Ideas to Try

 Whenever either one of you leaves your home or returns, indulge in at least 10 seconds of passionate kissing.

 Say something like, “Are you ready for your 10 seconds of bliss?” Wrap your arms tightly in a giant bear hug, close your eyes and neck like you are teenagers.

 Make it a habit to find your partner when you return home to make sure you connect in this deeply passionate way.

 It only takes 10 seconds yet, done regularly will keep your love burning brightly.

TIP: Surprise your spouse with ten seconds of bliss today! Start a new tradition.

Kiss with Bliss is one of our favorite tips of all the things we do.  A hot sizzling kiss when one of us leaves the house and the same when we return.

Bonus if we’re in and out several times! In the busyness of our lives, sometimes these special kisses are the only ones we get all day.

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