Frequently asked questions.  

What Is Romance Your Marriage?

Romance Your Marriage is a resource center to help you proactively strengthen your relationship as you prepare for and transition through the stages of re-marriage, empty nest and retirement.


We have created a variety of tips, tools and techniques to help you in a variety of ways including:

  Master Classes

  Marriage Mentoring

  Resource Library

  Online Learning Courses


  Live Webinars

  Live Q & A's

  Romance Tips



 Weekend Intensives


Who Is It For?

Our marriage mentoring programs are specifically designed for couples remarrying later in life and looking to strengthen and enrich their marriage; to live in a state of happiness and passion together.


  Couples remarrying later in life.

  Couples preparing for retirement.

  Couples transitioning to empty nest.

  Couples already retired.



What Are Marriage Mentors?

  Marriage mentors are married couples who are trained to help couples build strong marriages and create happy lifelong relationships.


  Marriage mentors offer a unique peer relationship by bringing insight from both genders and points of view.


  Marriage mentors are role models for happy marriages (not perfect ones!)

What Is Marriage Mentoring?

Marriage mentoring starts with where you are and helps you move forward to create the relationship you desire together. Some people think they can do this by themselves, but most never do. Mentors keep you accountable.


  Empowers couples to refocus priorities to create and achieve a vision for their future together.

  Helps couples identify areas of strengths and weaknesses in their relationship and strengthen their marriage.

  Fosters growth as as couple and increases enjoyment in marriage.

  Helps couples move through life transitions and issues by encouraging communication and good decision making skills.

What Mentoring Is Not

  Counselling or therapy.

  Replacing counselling or therapy if needed.

  Preaching or lecturing.

  Meddling or taking sides.