Happily Married.....Again!

Discover how to beat the second marriage divorce rate and build a beautiful long lasting life together.

Barry and J'Anne Monteleone

Transformational Marriage Mentors

You didn't get remarried just to get divorced all over again. 

If you want to make sure this one lasts, don't worry!

Last time you probably didn't have all the proper tools and information you needed to create a successful marriage. 

We give you the right tools, skills and knowledge to slay the divorce monster and help you live a truly fulfilling, long lasting marriage.

Start Living More in Love

We're Transformational Marriage Mentors

We help remarried mid-life couples beat the 65% divorce rate, create beautiful marriages and live happily ever after together.

J'Anne Monteleone

Certified Marriage Mentor
Master Life Coach, Relationship Coach

Helping hundreds of clients create their dream future together.

Barry Monteleone

Certified Marriage Mentor
Certified Financial Planner

Helping hundreds of clients plan their successful financial future together.

What Are Marriage Mentors?

 Marriage mentors are married couples who are trained to help couples build strong marriages and create happy lifelong relationships. 

  Marriage mentors offer a unique peer relationship by bringing insight from both genders and points of view. 

  Marriage mentors are role models for happy marriages (not perfect ones!)

What is Marriage Mentoring?

Marriage Mentors work with individual couples or in small groups.

Marriage mentoring starts where you are and helps you move forward to create the relationship you desire together. 

Some people think they can do this by themselves, but most never do with over 65% of second marriages ending in divorce.


Mentors help you be accountable.


 ♥ Help you move through life transitions and issues by encouraging communication and good decision making skills.

  Empower you to refocus priorities to create and achieve a shared vision for your future together.

  Help you identify areas of strengths and weaknesses in your relationship and strengthen your marriage.

  Foster your growth as as couple and increase enjoyment in marriage.